Arduino & Nokia 5110 LCD Graphics


In this short post I am displaying some graphics on Nokia 5110 LCD using ARDUINO UNO R3 this is very helpful for beginners`s here is a testing video .

Materials Required

breadboard just4electronics Arduino UNO just4electronics male to male jumper connectors just4electronics Nokia 5110 LCD for arduino just4electronics

Make connections

Connections are as follows and also shown in schematic .

  • SCK or CLK- Pin 7 arduino
  • MOSI or DIN – Pin 6 arduino
  • DC – Pin 5 arduino
  • RST – Pin 3 arduino
  • CS or CE – Pin 4 arduino
  • VCC – 3.3 volt arduino
  • BL – 5 volt arduino
  • GND- ground of arduino

nokia 5110 lcd and arduino connection just4electronics

 Program the arduino

Arduino-1.0.2. just4electronics

First download the library fom HERE . And after that download  code from HERE  then program the arduino .


Hope you`ve enjoy this Thanks For Reading


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